7 ways to take care that your tattoo on the hand heals well

What to do so that your tattoo does not become infected

  • Unless you don’t work and you don’t have to do any homework (which very few can afford), don’t get both hands tattooed on the same day. The tightness felt during healing is noticeable, and healing slows down due to rubbing, contact with water, or simply clenching the fist.
  • Avoid putting cream on the night you get the tattoo in that area. Wash the tattoo with neutral soap and warm water. Then dry it with paper towels, patting it dry. Avoid cloth towels.
  • The day after the tattoo, wash your hand again carefully. Take advantage of the fact that the skin is less tight and with open pores to apply a layer of Bepanthol cream. It is very good and absorbs quickly, we recommend it for the great moisturizing and regenerative power it has. Spread it very well and do not leave sticks. Repeat the healing again at noon and before going to bed and during the first 4 days. Little by little you will notice how the superficial skin is undoing and without causing wounds resulting from deep scabs.
  • Ask them to help you with tasks in which you would have to be in contact with water for at least the first 3 days. This will prevent bacteria from nesting in your new tattoo.
  • Do not cover tattoos with bandages, as this increases the chance of infection and food for bacteria. The tattoo is better to cure in the air and only cover it when it has become infected and following the instructions of your tattoo artist or doctor.
  • It is normal to have a feeling of tightness and even for the skin to appear stiff when you move your hands. Don’t worry. The fingers will also suffer from slight swelling.
    Remember that before getting a tattoo in these areas it is difficult to hide it, so if you have a pending job interview, make sure that it will not influence the decision of whoever hires you.
  • Issues to consider.