Many tattoo artists work illegally

A quarter of 16 to 30 year olds already have tattoos – social acceptance is increasing.

Health risk
Illegal studios cause financial damage to tattooists with a trade license. In addition to the loss of earnings and taxes, there is also the risk to the health of customers due to poor hygiene and disinfection measures.

You also have to be careful with the colors. “Anyone who gets a tattoo should ask the operator for information about the composition and the color purchase in the studio. Colors with harmful nickel additives can cause various allergic reactions. Some colors, mainly from the Internet, contain carcinogenic substances. Since illegal tattooists usually use the Internet to color, they cannot provide any information about their products,”

Sign of protest
A historical example of protest dates back to Soviet times. In the USSR, prisoners had a swastika carved into them. “That was the absolute affront in those times. Tattoos are a very clear commitment to a group because they can hardly be removed.” Today, motifs are often created in connection with graphic artists.