Analysis: Opening license for tattoo studio

Perhaps it is one of the activities with not a large number of venues compared to others such as bars and cafeterias, but our engineers in Tenerife have recently had several tattoo case studies that ask us for advice and obtaining an opening license, but what do we have? What to know if we want to open a tattoo studio?

The activity is a harmless activity as long as the premises do not have more than one hundred square meters, and it is also included in the list of activities of Law 12/2012 within which it is not necessary to request prior consultation.

Conditions of the premises for tattoo studio
A tattoo studio has to meet the same minimum conditions that our engineers have discussed in other posts on this blog, such as compliance with electrical installations, provision of fire extinguishers in adequate numbers and efficiency, and accessibility.

Sanitary conditions for tattoo studio
In addition to the licensing procedures for the town hall, our engineers will advise you to complete the procedures at the Ministry of Health, the premises having to have separate areas for tattoo parlors in the reception area, pedal-operated sinks in each of the tattoo parlors, and a separate area with a pedal-operated sink and a sterilization kit.

In general, opening a tattoo studio is a simple process if you are well advised by our engineers, as well as being quick to carry out so that you can open as soon as possible.