How to open your own tattoo studio?

Have you finished your training as a professional tattoo artist and want to know how to open your own tattoo studio? You are in the right place. Among our training offer you will find different specialized degrees in the field, such as the Master’s Degree in Tattoos + Master’s Degree in Sanitary Hygiene that, being its own degree, prepares you to master the different techniques and teaches the steps to follow to set up a studio from scratch. Thus, at the end of the training our students are prepared to take the next steps in their professional career.

If you already have the training base and want to know what it takes to open a tattoo parlor, continue reading. We will review the requirements to open a business with these characteristics.

Tips for opening a tattoo studio

Prepare a business plan
As with any other business, the first thing you should analyze is its viability. To do this, you can ask yourself several questions such as is there any other tattoo studio nearby? If so, what are their weaknesses and strengths? What can I offer more? You can use an advisor to help you establish your opening plan, so you can also find the perfect place to set up a tattoo studio according to your idea.

On the other hand, keep up to date with the news in your sector. Only then will you always be able to offer the best experience for your customers. New designs, material, improvements in the premises, etc.

Requirements you should know
Once you have defined your project and have located the perfect place to open your own studio, you should know what licenses you need and the regulations that regulate this type of activity. We talk about permits and legislation. The activity that you are going to carry out can put people’s health at risk, so you must condition your tattoo parlor with the necessary hygienic measures to guarantee the best sanitary conditions. So where do I start?

Register your tattoo parlor
Before starting your new tattoo parlor you must first get the appropriate license. To do this, you must go to the register of tattoo, micropigmentation and piercing establishments of your Town Hall to obtain the activity license.

Conditioning of the premises
As established by the legal framework, it is necessary to limit each area of ​​the study for its good. Therefore, the tattoo parlor must have the following distribution:

Start up your tattoo parlor
The success of a tattoo parlor is largely governed by word of mouth. As in any trade, a good assessment of the service is the best publicity. Therefore, always seek professional excellence. This will be the guarantee of quality, and you will achieve it if you have clear measures that meet the expectations of your customers. Provide your studio with its own identity and aesthetics, with professional tattoo artists and with demanding hygiene and safety measures.

Specialized training
The formative base is, above all, essential. Knowing the instruments well, mastering the different tattoo techniques and drawing well increases the confidence of clients. In addition, the sanitary measures applied in this activity should also be studied, with which to guarantee the health of the tattoo during and after doing so.

You can read the article “On which layer of the skin are tattoos made” to find out how our body reacts to ink.

Style and own identity
What aesthetic would you like to highlight in your tattoo studio? What do you want to communicate? Ask yourself these types of questions to give your tattoo center its own character. It is also important to define a communication strategy to make it known.

Today social networks help small businesses reach large numbers of people. For this reason, in addition to identifying your own aesthetic for your studio, create a profile on social networks where you can upload your latest work. This way you will get a wide sample of your designs.