What do you need to open a tattoo studio?

Tattoos are very popular and there is no end to the trend in sight. If you want to open a tattoo studio, you definitely have prospects of starting a profitable business – provided you approach the matter well prepared.

But what do you need for that? We spoke to an industry insider and summarized the key points.

The job title tattoo artist is not protected. This means that basically anyone can open a tattoo parlor. You don’t need official proof of your skills or a health certificate. Registering a business is initially sufficient.

First you need a business license
Your first route takes you to the trade office, where you register your tattoo studio. Among other things, the office would like to know the name of your shop and what kind of business it is. Your personal data is also important.

It usually only takes a few days until you hold your trade license in your hands. However, the Trade Licensing Office will inform all other competent authorities, and some of them will request additional information from you. The tax office will send you a questionnaire for tax registration, which is mainly about the amount of income you expect. The health department will have questions for you about compliance with certain hygiene standards and will issue you with requirements for your studio. The exact procedure depends on the state in which you open your studio.

Your tattoo studio should offer this
Of course, the paperwork is not enough. As the operator of a tattoo studio, you have a great deal of responsibility for the health of your customers – after all, the work of a tattoo artist literally gets under your skin. Therefore, you should always make sure that your work meets the highest quality and hygiene standards.

This starts with setting up your tattoo studio: all surfaces in the treatment room should be easy to wipe off. Smooth floors and walls are a must, rough wooden floorboards or even carpets don’t work at all. Make sure that the reception area is separated from the treatment area, at least by a screen. You also need a couch or a chair for your customers and a stool for yourself that allows you to work in a back-friendly way. And of course a tattoo machine. It is best to get advice from experienced colleagues before you order any machine on the Internet. It is your most important tool and should be perfectly tailored to your needs.