Sanitary control of tattoo or piercing establishments

Decree 90/2008, of April 22, which regulates tattooing, micropigmentation and piercing practices, attributes to town halls the power to authorize and control health establishments where tattooing or piercing practices are carried out.

A tattoo or piercing establishment is defined as any non-health establishment where this activity is carried out, either exclusively or together with other activities. The definition of tattoo also includes the technique of micropigmentation. The definition of piercing excludes piercing of the earlobe using the technique of holding an automatic, sterile, single-use earring.


  • Informative posters on the hygienic-sanitary conditions of tattoo, micropigmentation and piercing establishments:
  • Information to the user
  • Facilities and furniture
  • Equipment, instruments and materials. Medical waste management
  • Hygiene, protection and training of personnel. self controls

Educational material aimed at secondary school and high school students with the aim of informing and sensitizing adolescents about the health risks associated with tattooing and piercing practices and promoting responsible decision-making.