Health Card for you to make tattoos, piercings and / or micropigmentations

It allows you to carry out procedures to modify your physical appearance through tattoos, piercings or micropigmentation and that your clients have the confidence that you apply the necessary measures to protect their health.

Procedures manual, which should indicate the following:

  • The tattooing, micropigmentation or perforation techniques that will be offered
  • Detailed description of each procedure that you will use to present your services, and
  • The material and equipment that you will use in the provision of your services

Curriculum vitae of the applicant that contains their general data, studies and work experience, related to the procedures to be carried out.

Documentation that proves that the applicant has knowledge of first aid and mastery of hygiene and asepsis techniques.

Options to carry out your procedure

For questions regarding filling out the form or requirements: Go to the Comprehensive Services Center in the Information Module area or call the Information Center.