20 Tips for a painless tattoo

Today tattoos are a style, a fashion and an aesthetic that are part of an expression that is perennially embedded in the skin. Despite being a manifestation that has gained popularity and acceptance over time, getting a tattoo involves a certain degree of pain for some. Most of the tattoos make us feel some pangs, a little burning or itching, but there are others that really generate very painful reactions on the skin.

It all depends on the characteristics of the design you choose and the resistance of your skin. The truth is that you can avoid bad experiences if from the beginning you choose tattoos that, due to their size, shape or position, hurt much less.

20. Not being comfortable with the idea of getting tattooed is part of the great pain that you could feel when you are in the tattoo studio. You must fully trust the expert who will tattoo you, so before you start, talk to him until he makes you feel safe.

19. Take into account where tattoos hurt the most and where you will suffer less from any discomfort. So you can choose an area that is not as sensitive when the ink goes through your skin.

18. Remember that areas with many muscles or more fatty tissue, such as arms, legs, pectorals, buttocks or hips, are less painful.

17. On the other hand, the most sensitive areas, breasts, armpits, face, collarbones, ribs, hands, feet or groin, are the ones that hurt the most. Choose small designs if you plan to tattoo any of these areas.

16. The smaller a tattoo is, the less painful the process to record it on your skin will be, since there are not many details to trace.

15. If you choose a very large, elaborate or detailed design, the time it takes to finish doing it will be much longer. The more time passes, your skin will become more sensitive and you will begin to feel intense pain.

14. Single color tattoos are less painful because the artist doesn’t take long to change inks. Opt for black ink to avoid all of that.

13. Take into account that tattoos with areas of solid color, that is, completely filled, are very painful. Well, the tattoo artist must review his work on the same line, so we recommend you choose designs without any filler.

12. If you feel safer or calmer with any company, investigate which study may have one or more people who give you moral support and distract you so that you forget the pain.

11. Keep in mind that there will be needles and a small amount of blood involved. Seeing blood affects many people psychologically, so you could feel bad or in too much pain if you don’t remember that this is completely normal.

10. While getting a tattoo you must be completely relaxed so that your stress levels go down and then your muscles stop tensing. Otherwise, the hardness of your skin could cause you more pain than normal.

9. Being comfortable is a point of great importance, if you are in a position that does not allow you to rest while getting tattooed, the discomfort could cause you discomfort.

8. You can bring some things to help you cope with the discomfort such as a stress ball, chewing gum or sweets to distract yourself while the artist finishes his work.

7. Breathing in and out can make a huge difference in managing tattoo pain. Focus on your breathing and little by little you will stop feeling the burning on your skin.

6. A tattoo artist knows his work very well, so he will surely ask you continuously if you feel any discomfort. Be honest and tell him that you don’t feel well or that the pain is unbearable, he will know what to do.

5. It will be a little weird to stay completely still for the minutes or hours your tattoo requires. But it is important that you move as little as possible to avoid any mistake and above all so that your skin does not accidentally get hurt.

4. If you feel the pain increase, ask your tattoo artist to give you a break. In fact, you can alternate your session with some breaks so that you can tolerate the pain.

3. Do not try to take medication, alcohol or drugs to calm the pain, as it could be counterproductive.

2. Choose simple, small and quick designs to test yourself. If you tolerate that pain you can increase the difficulty of your next tattoo.

1. Do not predispose yourself, we all have a different pain threshold. If you have been told terrible stories about the excruciating pain of tattoos just listen to them, but remember that this does not have to happen to you.