How to become a tattoo artist?

Want to become a tattoo artist? Missions, remuneration, training: find out everything you need to know.

What are the missions of the tattoo artist?
The tattoo artist’s mission is to create designs of all sizes and shapes to draw them on the skin of his clients. To do this, he injects pigmented ink between the dermis and the epidermis using a dermograph, an electric device equipped with a needle.

Also, the tattoo artist carries out certain preparatory missions before getting to the heart of the matter:

Facilitate the choice of its customers by offering a book (catalogue) listing the achievable tattoos;
Advise its customers on the feasibility of this or that tattoo, reconciling as much as possible the technical aspect with the satisfaction of its customers;
Provide its customers with all mandatory and relevant information to enable them to make an informed choice;
Prepare your equipment for tattooing in optimal sanitary conditions.
What is the salary of a tattoo artist?
At the start of their career, the expert in the art of tattooing earns on average between 1,600 and 1,900 euros gross per month, i.e. the minimum wage threshold or slightly higher. This remuneration, based on a full-time activity, is not indicative of the reality of junior tattoo artists, who mostly work part-time.

To obtain more attractive salaries, the tattoo artist must strengthen his notoriety. He may, for example, propose an original technique to stand out from the competition.

As he progresses, an experienced tattoo artist who works as an employee can reach a salary of 2,500 to 3,000 euros gross per month. This threshold of 3,000 euros is not a glass ceiling, since some recognized professionals, launched into the entrepreneurial adventure, greatly exceed this amount.

How to become a tattoo artist? What studies to follow?
The profession of tattoo artist is above all an artistic profession where drawing has a preponderant place. Being skillful and creative is therefore essential to flourish in this profession.

Rigor is also an essential quality to become a tattoo artist. It should be kept in mind that tattoos are, for the most part, etched eternally on the skin of their owners.

Tattoo artists are also called upon to make complex tattoos, over several hours or even days. Endurance, calm and patience are required to avoid making harmful mistakes.

Since it is a job where human interactions are daily, a tattoo artist has good listening and understanding skills. Empathy and pedagogy are valuable qualities to reassure some legitimately worried customers.